Cheerful Choice
16 December 1997

Cheerful is a choice while leaning in winds
When reality would chill common souls
Happiness the way instilled beyond sins
As reflection dwells in bottomless bowls
Be patient when wandering thought illudes
Gasping as tempermant replaces chores
Silent because distortion stark protudes
While hope appears dashing out swinging doors
Truely timeliness can fall into question
Watching isolation evolve thru fear
Looking past shoulders seeking safe bastions
Moving to sound they prefer to be near
Bearing eyes seeking escape from dark norms
Whose shadowed confusion fails to complain
Page through your book pencilling notes thru forms
Ignore awareness of transient pain
Step over the disregard of such ways
Fill your wolf's glass in thoughtful consumption
Don't flee the world of your chosen displays
Accepting its transparent presumption
You'll be surprised to watch the meek return
Because at least one sentry dares remain
Not because fleeting awareness would turn
Just because consistent marks faiths retain