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Two Mathematical Poems...2/20/03

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Frantic Falling Frauds...6/08/03
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Piciture Album
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Coordinate Based Language Theory

Essay: Mathmatical Nature

Scenes from the San Fransisco
anti-war demonstration on 18 Jan 2003

Meet a pigeon ....... Art Gallery

What Is Terror? ....... Techno-Sharing

Satire: Can We Get... Peace From War?

A Chicken Reflects:... Morality And Nations?

Question of:... Debt, Life and Clarity?
Dadadin:... A Proportional Response

Crimes Against Capital and Death Penalties?
Dadadin:... Do Thresholds Justifies A Sense Of Cause?

In the spirit of Comanchero de Califas
Poetry from 16Dec1997:... Cheerful Choice

Davis People Tour: Can you find this Coffee Shop?
What Makes Davis Wonderful

Davis People Tour: Can you find these Restaurants?
What Makes Davis Tasteful

Davis People Tour: Can you find these walk ways?
What Makes Davis Pleasant

Reflection: WAR and PROGRESS

Considerations of War:
Enemies vs Incompatibles

If One can't be cool, One does what?:
Try to Look Cool?

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