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Frantic Failing Frauds

Rice and Powell, black fronts for Bush who's white
Seem compelled in choreographed lies
British data doctors changed truth to spite
Honest wills who question so called allies

Huge weapon supports sought cannot be found
Which questions intelligence agencies
No matter where our soldiers have been bound
The scars of dragging aren't transparencies

Yet containment alone requires order
For numbers specified were very large
Object observers per system border
Must sense like a river senses a barge

A turbulence in system linguistics
Some difference in gray levels imaged
Believing concealed massive logistics
Leaves formal credibility damaged

Dislocation in methods now seem crimes
Perpetrated by organizations
Linked to passed laws quoting religious rhymes
Creating false illegalizations

Which have destroyed milliions of families
Incarcerating under false thesis
Terroizing like fake anamolies
Black populations fatal nemesis

11:05 PM 6/8/03