Death Penalties For Crimes Against Capital?

Conspiratorial Networks hide behind the guise of Institutional Identities which shield the individual participants from harsh prosecutions under the law. Many such networks have taken it upon themselves to engineer legislations to construct just such shieldings prior to their subnetworks driving host and support communities into bankruptcy or enhanced taxation.

The Circumstances of Degree:
.....Local Thefts and Local Social Traumatizations amount to disruption of Local Harmony and, as such, are Local Problems, whereas Distributed Thefts and Distributed Social Traumatizations disrupt the Extended Harmony of aggregates of communities which constitute the Nations and as such are National Problems. Nations can tolerate local disintegration, However, they cannot survive the disintegration of functional interfacings between communities that results from marshalling of effort across community boundaries as this marshalling Reduces Intellectual and Organizational Resources necessary to counter Local Disintegration. Thus, there are Thresholds of Sociio-Political Crimes related to Subnetwork Activities which are a death knell to the Constitued Nations in which the Parent Networks are embedded. Some such thresholds are determined by the Degree of Economic Damage by Co-Adaptive Networks manipulating the laws to facillitate efforts their at Internal Colonization and Resource Extraction by their Manifest Unions in their respectinve Host Nations. Graded Perspectives may have levels of such historical crimes which constitute the transition from one Degree of Such Crimes to the Next Degree of Such Crimes. All Graded Perspectives must observe the Irrefutable Increase in Social Entropy and the General Chaos in the Co-Adaptive Decision-Making resulting from crossing Such Thresholds. If one holds an human animal under water for a day, it dies...thus, their is a Time Threshold beyond which All Human Animals held under water without articficial support Is Dead, as opposed to Is Alive. So to, there are Manifest Degrees of Socio-Political crime beyond which Nations Die.


Why Degree deserves Death:

Traditionally Death Penalties are implemented for heinous aberrations in Co-Adaptive Behavior. Is not the Inducing of Suicides and Family Disintegration a heinous condition, particular when it occurs across community and national boundaries? Death is to eliminate the Transfer of Logical Technologies that result in an individual committing such heinous crimes to prevent the embedding of such dysfunctional systems analysis theories and methodologies in the co-adaptive rationale systems which constitute the cohesive forces holding the ambient societies together. Currently, we see Power Sytems Scandals and Bankruptcies that have broadbased conspiratorial foundations that have extracted more resources from the United States than the United States commits to rebuilding other nations, such as Afghanistan. The dysfunctional organizational strategies which have to have been implemented in such cases must be prevented from spreading if the World Aggregate of Nations is to Survive. The only way to insure such prevention is to execute the participants who consider such strategies as Co-Adaptive Options. Thus, Death Penalties must be implemented when the trust ceded to Broadbased Networks is abused by The Degree of Dysfunction they inject into the Collection of Co-Adaptive Strategies which constitute Trans-Communal Treaties, which are the foundations of all national formations. Some would be selective in who is put to death, others would that all members of such transgressional networks be executed. Still, others would simply execute anyone even tangentially related to such networs. Who decides?