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Natural Numbers Balance

Consider short rods, guess mark their midpoints
Pound spoon shapes at each rod's opposite ends
Pair the spoons off to as follows make joints
One fulcrum - balance pair made with two bends

At one midmark bend an acute angle
Hammer flat its spoon ends to make flat feet
Suspended symmetric fulcrums dangle
And fulcrums look symmetric when placed neat

Second midpoint arched with spoons facing skies
Place ideal on corresponding fulcrum
Beads are equal to equal seeing eyes
When reference bead be chosen from some

With one reference balance selected
Place the reference bead fixed in one spoon
Taken singly others are inspected
Placing each in turn in the second swoon

Those that then balance the reference bead
Shall be placed in a set uniquely marked
Equal to one reference unit mead
Used as gravity's bead trade value harked

Were the beads say made of very pure gold
Trusted by those who transfer each product
THE reference as the meter of old
Could number any state's counting conduct

08:01 AM 2/21/03