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Natural Use Doles

Natural numbers relate to use doles
Giving a fair share to each clan member
Where your clan groups and shapes your common roles
For your friendly culture to remember

To issue supplies for each of your friends
Some who are big and some who are quite small
Requires pairing product amounts with ends
Wheels to rollers and tread for those who crawl

Sizes for wheels versus traction for tread
Bouncing rubber versus how fast things wear
Comfort must balance missions fate has wed
Giving amounts to those for whom we care

Morsels of food once mixed will recombine
Meals break up quantities into numbers
Menus of food differ for those who dine
While one sleeps is the length that one slumbers

Mundane things like the space for one to lie
Might be a place upon a floor to sleep
It could be bad print writ to fill one's eye
Few think gardens queens go to hide their weep

Spaces change the letters and words one needs
Hunger ends sooner for some than others
Just feeding changes bowl sizes for seeds
When just comment refines tasteful druthers

06:42 AM 2/20/03