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War's Redirection

Many seek to redirect war's choices
Seeking to have us defend their homelands
Formerly they occupy rejoices
Hoping displayed godheads placed in our hands

Will sway our hearts out of pitty and hate
That we destroy once supportive allies
In favor of those who once asked us to wait
Long after our supposed enemy dies

Before we check the numbers of windows
Men looked out before being killed in mass
To find windows won't outnumber shadows
Which haunt warily on once well mowed grass

Let us consider life's sequence and cause
Placing precursors upon logic's rack
Whatever their source or claims to what was
Comparing once argued matters of fact

As viewed from each separate thought structure
Incurring unique vocabulary
Because of perspective or stray culture
In short any source that makes men wary

When groups step into the light, then withdraw
We must wonder which fear of war they've met
Why others deny forced choices fate saw
What is it thought's traitors have to regret

11:29 AM 2/21/03