War's Contributions and Obstructions

A short reflection follows:

War and Progress

.....As resources are depleted in this unusual war against an enemy which is not locked to a physical nation, suspicion must be surgical. Damage is a phenomenon we must strickly become accustomed to, although we can overwhelm our chosen targets. However, it seems difficult to acclimate to irregular attempts of low magnitude. Citizens from many nations, of diverse philosophies, have sworn to assist our end. Yet, we have not fallen as we transition from the 2nd to the 3rd millenium of our unified clocks...nor do I think we will fall. While other nations observe our searching for meaningful and substantive objectives, temptations of bygone efforts on their part will well up in their self-directed efforts to survive. So to, we must remember who has attacked American Nations in the past, specifically not to direct our wariness from would be friends when we are strong who may quickly turn on us if our existence should become tenuous in their minds. Hope is not an affordable luxury as war engines lumber over the next few years into an ill defined darkness. Ingenuity and work are the only friends we can truly depend upon, despite those who would pray for us. We must not depend on gods to bear the burdens required for our well structured presence throughout this 21st century. The able who are willing must ply their individual minds to control the world uncertainty as a backdrop to their personal self-directed thought, designing navigation strategies implementable by the willing who are not able. No doubt many will attempt to misdirect us, some perhaps unknowingly. Enemies must be systematically acquired and disassembled, be they states or transnational organizations.. Soldier citizens, as it were, ought to willingly contribute co-adaptive enhancements to production systems because we need augmentive behavior as American Nations, not because contribution necessarily leads to personal benefit. Those who cannot or will not ply such co-adaptive augmentation ought not obstruct the progress of functional implementations. As this is our war, such obstructionism, often tolerated in more peaceful times, ought to be considered treason while times are turbulent and fate seems ambivalent in the minds of some..

DADADIN 16Feb2002