What Is Terror?

.....Terror is a willingness to traumatize the co-adaptive
behavior of an individual by introducing uncertainty in
his trust in the stability of his ambiance. Terror induces a
random dysfunction in co-adaptive strategies as hesitancy
burdens schedules. To control terror, we must control thought,
whence we must be willing to check thought. This must be
done using non-intrucive lie detector tests. Thus, we can also
test the dead by reviewing political film or still image sequences
of individuals in suspected categories. An interesting aspect of
the 21st Century is the ability of all old records to be reviewed
for questions of loyalty and intent, as distinctive variations ought
to occur relative to any of our senses. Thus, just as surface
reflection in a picture manifests intellectual tension of the subject,
so to voice and movement ought to manifest intellectual tension
associated with a variant intent. Intonation will manifest a history
of past associations, as co-adaptive dialogues carry specific
coordinates relative to time and presence.