Debt, Life, Clarity: A Proportional Response?

Bubblefun posed the following question:

Bubblefun@aol.com wrote:
.....What I am concerned about is how will I get out of debt. How is it that the longer I live the more I owe?...but the older I get the clearer things become.


DADADIN poses the following answer:

Hello Bubblefun:
....To be CONCERNED with getting out of debt, you must first be in debt. When first in debt, you begin to pay that debt down, gauging the PROPORTION of time REQUIRED to work to pay the debt down to the payment time versus the length of your life, arriving at a personally accptable proportion of your life to be allotted to work off your debt.
.... As time progresses, the actual time required to pay off your current debt decreases as a proportion of your current age. (This follows because you continue to age against your will, while you must wilfully incur new debt.) This reduces the PROPORTION ofYOUR life-time YOU MUST work to less than that you initially committed to as a REQUIREMENT.
.....You now face a PARADOX: how can you do something you beleived was a requirement, when it is no longer something you must do?
.....The Paradox is resolved by your Incurring New Debt as You Age.

..... Why Do Things Become Clearer With Age: While you grow older, so do the Methodologies you use when Choosing what debt to incurr. Age Refines your Methodologies, using the less effective such with less frequency and intensity than those which are more effective, which you begin to use more often to incurr a greater proportion of your Current Debt. Thus, what you Owe for things you dislike is less,when older, than what you Owe for things you like. You become quantitatively aware of the New Greater Difference between what you like and dislike. Thus, the relative value of THINGS whose debt you are CONCERNED with becomes CLEARER With Age.