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Attention Totters

Reality will set in its own way
Expectations seem to exceed our plans
Catching us off guard each puzzling day
When other folks take their separate stands

Tension builds as targets loom with their doubt
Nations ponder the chaos in our wake
Ripples in their order damage throughout
As others double guess what actions we'll take

Quiet waters flow down hill still echos
Admonishment from the shadows near death
That control lurks in unexpected throws
Yielding access to each target's own breath

Suspicion reigns supreme as we reflect
On centuries of conspiracy's marks
Hunting that embedded ordered aspect
To which some future generation harks

Entities persist beyond our lifetime
Orders of movements form to benefit
Their social products who offer rhyme
Until their members consume hosts of it

Many swear we can depend on their trust
While we know they spy to see what we'll do
Displacement's words of intrique's fated lust
For obstructions to the will we push thru

10:07 PM 5/25/03