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Crows and Doves

A white dove being assailed by some crows
Was spotted by some humans on a path
The dove struggled inside of a death's throws
Loosing feathers between her eyes in wrathe

Missing wing feathers bared delicate skin
Yet no blood had been spilled nor sinew cut
Feathers released as genetics kicked in
Action destined by evolution's strut

Thru harsher times when survival would reign
Without emotions or concern for life
Times when killing was done without disdain
When living was a constant pressured strife

Rescued from it's being eaten alive
From being harried by fast pecking beaks
Ripping baby feathers out on a dive
Crows were convinced of what their havoc wreaks

But as fate would have it strangers arrived
Humans with a habit of rescuing
They determined that the white dove survived
By batting the forms intent on skewing

So the crows flew off to their oblivion
When the noids snatched their captive juvenile
Now rather than feed the few crows with greed
This white dove will have some peace for awhile

09:40 PM 6/7/03