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Bolshevik Factors

Chekka methods butchered children of jews
Because parents can always have new kids
Who were those killers who once voided news
While they replaced ruts in sad lives with skids

Over one million Bolsheviks now live
In a land we've sent many secrets to
They have sold many dangers that we give
To many friends we have among their few

For thirty years queried travelers lied
About torture by socialists they have seen
Religious folk often cited who died
When soldier police took time to be mean

Russian authors have chonicled faces
Known to have killed justice for social change
Cutting their way through the hearts of races
Arguing it's only to rearrange

Mental activity in dysfunction
Changers believed retarded greater man
In lives of obediant conjunction
As Kun tricked Magyars into, their ways to ban

With lots of lies from his upper class friends
Whose fathers were once emancipated
Justice to assist Magyar seeking ends
Instead folks were re-enslaved by who baited

07:48 AM 3/15/03