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Strident Cries For War

Presidential aides propagate false stands
Weaving confusion through failing nations
Disintegration runs rampant through lands
Allies now fracture over sensations

Decades of order fall before our eyes
As hopes for peace or delay seem to fail
Fearful folk and warlocks see thin disguise
Veiled over acts by fate's hammer and nail

In the hands of born again religions
Filled by hate, guided by pedaphiles
Pedaling deceit in false decisions
Making churches houses of lies and trials

Priests and ministers conceil social greed
Blackmailing and blackballing their forte
Casting about with their corrupting seed
Killing their own crime's punishment to delay

Communication allows us to see
What previous generations could not
War is truly the final remedy
And it's misuse has by justice been caught

Insistance on dark hypotheticals
Which formal witnesses seem not to find
Highlighting a problem of statiscals
Replacing logic as fabric of mind

06:08 PM 3/17/03