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Civil Wars Approach

Russia expressed concern for world safety
Should we decide to wage war in Iraq
Reason and purpose seem rather iffy
As we play at war's door before attack

Economic refugees confuse us
Permeating governments as they do
Voting for action like wheels on a bus
Straight off social cliffs while they're passing thru

Secret services from communism
Had their many jewish interfaces
As international socialism
Soviets know their names and their races

They know which ones they placed into our lands
Certainly those they fostered are listed
Who betray us and those with blood on their hands
And whose efforts have left our paths twisted

Soviet placed betrayal still lingers
We wanted to avoid large scale witch hunts
We should cut out their hearts with social fingers
To stop catastrophic treasoness stunts

Dislocated reasoning now abounds
World intellects swirl in dark disarrays
Our government's attitude now confounds
Melting world organizational bays

05:36 PM 3/18/03