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Synchronization In War

Killing is an art form which oft' evolves
Hoping to act 'fore anticipation
Willing will cite action that oft' revolves
Groping into our civilization

We see ourselves as most tolerant folk
Able to help others in times of need
Be free and avoid breaking any yolk
Stable embrionic cultures to seed

Of course there are times when fate fills with strife
Bins of thought full of dark correlation
Remorse for past thoughts won't help protect life
Wins won't depend on some god's sensation

Aggression is directed against us
By many who can't accept what we are
Succession always the conceptual truss
Try changing our nature with wars afar

We've wondered aloud why others drive hate
Steering it toward our inner being
Sieve realities which can't ever wait
Peering thru fate to know what they're seeing

Our swords are unsheathed and dulled to the touch
So we can break bones without getting stuck
Dour words attract attention far too much
Throwing peace to violence some deam bad luck

12:28 AM 3/21/03