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Tragic References

Women references to females in force
Endanger the lives of all world women
Because thinking like soldiers their recourse
Must be assumed in civil war's omen

Whence planning militia regulation
Fate defers to the killing of their numbers
Where war finds them in conflict's situation
Denials of war thought won't help slumbers

Because we know among their own known ranks
Dangers by self acclaim may well now lurk
Their prelates have lied 'neath guise of their thanks
Whence we must assume loyalty they'll shirk

Children tell mothers whatever they see
So their children too must also be killed
Unfortunate is social remedy
Mistakes some immigrants make of what's willed

Misinterpretation of past treaties
Founding constitutional agreements
Finds no relief for incompetencies
For death must not forgive what Life laments

Females have sought to disarm citizens
Organizing their numbers' fatal votes
Machines won't distinguish their denizens
When they are drowned by death in social motes

08:52 AM 3/22/03