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War With Compassion

American allies have entered war
Avoiding killing when it's possible
Destroying hardware which we must implore
Adversaries leave inaccessible

History has no witness in her past
Who has witnessed such sure finality
Pass thru sullen gates thru which shadows cast
Confident of precision's quality

We stand upon the horizons of fate
Glaring at potentials of resistance
Searching procedures hunting without hate
Seek sources of contrary insistance

Gentleness unknown by combat soldiers
Wends its way thru the consciousness of time
As worldly eyes watch hardware in smolders
Soldiers will live to teach their children rhyme

Some army groups might engage in hanging
While ours are satisfied to hang around
Not for wrenching wringing and head banging
But to lift enemies up off the ground

Dusting away harsher differences
Letting them step aside from death we bring
Perhaps because of our fate's deferences
To their sciences and the songs they sing

08:00 AM 3/22/03