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Leaders Versus Regimes

Transitional language as we focus
Evolves into stark functionality
Tracking death defines danger's harsh locus
Leaders are a meaningless finality

Fighters must be destroyed where ever's found
For "ever" lies along our destined road
Bleeding dying identities confound
Efforts we make when entering death's abode

Death must concern herself with our rampage
Attempts to confuse us make matters worse
Leaders may say they sculpt thoughts like a sage
Yet our soldiers won't die from a curse

We will disassemble their whole regime
If needed to quash any resistance
Delays are conditions which only seem
To be conditioned by that insistance

Which we encounter by chance they designed
Hunkered in the shadows of wayward fates
Encouraged by dawning cloaks of the mind
Whose pockets are filled with such searing hates

They cannot see that their threats create doubt
Overestimating their abilities
So long before well timed truth we find out
Our efforts destroy their facilities

07:23 AM 3/25/03