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Finally They're Fighting

Republican guards with metal clanking
Head south to engage our own advancements
Of course we don't expect any thanking
Such numbers for war trophy enhancements

We were beginning to feel kind of bad
Like executioners lurking thru night
Looking into dark eyes and feeling sad
Because they die without giving a fight

Meeting some resistance settles our souls
Even if it's the occasional round
History has descriptions for some roles
In which easy killings always abound

Murder is not quite the business of war
Yet this seems to be what we are doing
Unless from their hearts resistance will pour
Into the battles nations are viewing

When sandy winds recede, their numbers die
Truly skies belong to technology
Metal melts when our hunter planes pass by
Indifferent to ideology

Gorilla tactics begin to evolve
Entering into this phase of darkness
Identities are things we can't resolve
Unless we force them thru states of starkness

08:10 AM 3/27/03