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No Greater Expectation

Now some would claim expectations exceed
Encounter's performance as observed
Rag tagging implementers now impede
Fate's vehicles of force seem to have swerved

Battle field definitions need more time
'Tis not clear whose future contests our own What's writ' may ramble and not always rhyme
Until tempos increase in cry and moan

Death must be allowed its casual entrance
Arithmetic will quickly run its way
Though first tethers to coffins of substance
We must weave carely amidst disarray

Small groups of infantry minded appear
On horizons of death's savage cradle
Mystiques of mission seem just a veneer
For the ravaging choice of war's ladle

Pouring lives like soup poured into hot sands
Quickly seaping thru countless crevices
Carved in their leathered skin by fated hands
Parched by patient consumptive practices

Organization's merged modular norms
Misinterpreted as needing centers
Forcing fashions waging war against forms
Filtered thru minions fostered by splinters

06:58 AM 3/29/03