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Geometry of War

Some simple geometric measurements
Have been changing with each new obstruction
Causing concern because such displacements
Point to flaws in wisdom or instruction

Jumping off a cliff is clear in moments
None really needs to see the final fall
Delaying judgement wavers and foments
Delusions of victory from a crawl

Women have entered into the killing
Their particulars of peace have ended
It must be assumed they're soldiers willing
Their female numbers will be amended

Others too seem unwilling to engage
Infantry conflicts seem too avoided
Reactions on our side at times wreak rage
Mocked stretching thru humor gored and goaded

Unbelieving observers watch chaos
Evolve quickly from nothing we can see
Rising from empty minded thoughts at loss
Aimless wandering faulted mentally

For conspiracy or incompetence
Must surely sit upon this rise of time Where opinions marshall without pretense
And marshalling always changes with rhyme

07:49 AM 3/31/03