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Bridges And Bravado

Generals get upset at notation
Which seems to change as hasty occasions
Quickly evolve without hesitation
Despite opinions and source persuasions

Retired generals just got brushed aside
By those they nurtured into final place
Turning against their teachers who preside
Over ventured wars at the modern pace

Violates martial covenants of old
Leaving imagination to range far
Just who else could their presence simply hold
Like cloaks hold evil with darkness ajar

Open as a doorway to great absence
Where thought locks out consciousness known as hope
In place of crumbling of their past pretense Vapors replace structure with naught to grope

Confusion flies in the face of success
Quick victories fall to technology
Evidence of rationales and access
Conceal tactical ideology

Clear divisions in scientific fact
Cause concern when action is contrary
To principles of war's rash final act
Composed of harsh intrusive summary

07:50 AM 4/2/03