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Comprehension Breaksdown

Freedom of speech is confused with access
Propagandists con with filtering forms
Slanting connotation's mental duress
Hoping to manipulate social norms

Plans seem to well up from almost nowhere
Collectives appear throughout voting moves
Targetting weak populations to pair
Co-adaptive choices with ancient grooves

Nations are falling to definitions
Rewriting history like straws in wind
Pasts are victims of current conditions
Currents too strong for choices to rescind

Faces are painted in such motley hues
Which glitter at glamour in dysfunction
Races are tainted thin much like a fuze
Switch sitter's catastrophic conjunction

Madness arises when variation
Has externals conditioned by others
Outside of sound rationale's transitions
Beyond intuition's native druthers

Causing collusions to try and then fail
Not for any natural destiny
But for betrayal pressing the first nail
Deep into the hands of community

04:25 PM 4/5/03