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Global Uncertainty

Washington's Great Governor of the World
Would appear to have eased his grip on things
For governments have been rocked and then swirled
With concentric here-to-there controlled rings

Hammering home thought like dongs of the bell
Rung from the stammers of a halting voice
Clammering drones wrought by wisdom from hell
Strung by high hammers of technical choice

Smashing whatever we don't understand
Being as cautious as peaceful men be
Killing only when doubt confuses one hand
The other just resolves uncertainty

Great Governors must sometimes step aside
Letting ordinary men take the fore
Political assignments sometimes hide
Getting at things which constitute the core

Of what ought to be targets searched in thought
Whose properties can be disassembled
To moduled abilities we have fought
In our models of minds they resembled

We may not always wander corridors
Linked to realities we might prefer
Hijacked by such conceptual stevedores
Jinks at such times when men on fate confer

06:58 AM 4/7/03