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Information Loss

Looting is viewed as exuberation
Records' evidence are randomly lost
With little regards for information
And its eminent historical cost

For surely given opportunity
One would expect the guilty to enter
Buildings recording exclusivity
Seeking to remove ties to their mentor

Mentoring evil in days of starkness
When meanness was rewarded for its help
By keeping records of doors to darkness
Where assistance twisted souls' woeful yelp

Cast in a figment of anguish and pain
Hidden down corridors yielding echo
Marks of information taken for gain
Deriving unwilling sources for show

Perhaps it is true no records were kept
That objective things were merely taken
Like feeding folks conquered by the inept
As much by ruse as by castles shaken

While few in number reigned over many
Worlds watched tension in the minds of their words
Just watching those watchers makes if any
Some wonder at disappearance of surds

08:09 AM 4/9/03