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No Colors No Surrender

Large target destruction's surely complete
Such is control by our vision from the skies
Whence we see pathways with ruins are replete
Of large metal machines hoaned in war dies

Yet this thoroughness does not retard will
Entrenched in the minds of such infantry
As have escaped from the battle field kill
While retaining their sense of destiny

Armies have not placed their flags on the ground
Generals may have died their lonely death
Still soldiers live whose directives abound
If only within silent echoed breath

Ringing as their mind's re-occurring thought
Turn silence of some moment into war
Thinking rhymes that without death come to naught
Standing counterposed at progression's door

Knowing that choice now quickly must be made
When truth dangles like spiders in light wind
Hanging with no moorings certainty's laid
Such moorings as fate would seek to rescind

Free speech is blending into blackballing
Curious misinterpretation's word
Justifying much moralized stalling
Allowing conditions far too absurd

09:12 AM 4/11/03