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Chaos And Looting

Iraqi cities engage inner turmoil
Something more than predictable terror
Adjusting imagery away from oil
Looters have spread random kills in error

For surely grudge killings range far and wide
Much further than haunted more feeble finds
Who to avoid dying will oft' decide
To kill in ordered fashion preset minds

Modes of common predictability
Witted men effectively adapt to
After traumatized sensibility
Is given time to decide what to do

Tormented into meaningful order
Society at least seemed to function
Now chaotic clocks at fate's harsh border
Dangle over the edge of dysfunction

Extensive Records and much equipment
Have simply entered an oblivion
Where no quick descriptive sentiment
Can justify losses by opinion

Their is no theory for such disarray
Linkage destruction forces ignorance
While order relations not cast away
Let us understand terror's circumstance

08:15 AM 4/12/03