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Definitions Waver

Our armies lag in social vapor lock
As if Alexandria's libraries
Were meant to burn with all their books and stock
Sweeping out old ways in quick sumaries

Random ripping out of references
Some might suppose by some such greater rule
As might allude to all deferences
Though only spoken by chaotic's fool

Perhaps in the minds of some characters
Allied to meaning thought as transcendant
Who would be haunted by silent spectres
Lacking devestation of what's replendant

According to points of naturalness
Oppression has its own consequences
Extremes of action after such duress
Are tolerably observed sequences

They erased the past by thousands of years
Though liberated the ledgered entry
Seen through history's thoughtful passing tears
Where's proof to indicate which century

Identity is lost during discussion
Between those allowed by time to decide
Without stringent timely repercussion
Observing data loss at greatest tide

10:48 AM 4/13/03