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Large Scale Conflict

Hardware advantages uncontested
We advance the fore of chosen conflict
Into realms where evil sought once rested
After harsh damage it did once inflict

Extended beyond the reigns of passion
Consequence of action slowly engaged
Pretending to have meaning and session
Until assaulted by an army enraged

Not by emotions but ability
Cold calculations controlled directives
When guidance systems used facility
Lacking forgiveness or harsh invectives

Anything big was easily destroyed
Large targets disintegrated fast
No matter what our enemies employed
Their hardware locations just could not last

We could see everything from above ground
Because we controlled skies so completely
Everywhere we looked targets did abound
Suddenly they were destroyed so sleakly

Precision bombing was more extensive
Than most observers ever realized
Could be implemented by the pensive
Warriors whose efforts were computerized

03:37 PM 4/16/03