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No Weapons Sought Were Found

We fought our way thru one entire nation
Destroying what hardware of resistance
Folly's contentious implementation
Sought to present as willful insistance

With small losses by killing or dying
Precision unexpected by both sides
Led so quickly to questions of lying
Within our system where treason hides

For surely we can't hope to simply find
Treason limited to figures at the top
Who control the collective social mind
Through decisions which the body can't stop

Thus our nation must now inspect its soul
To map out what contra-thought processes
Embedded this anti-citizen troll
In our system that led to excesses

Of un-necessary expenditure
Seeking weapons that clearly don't exist
Now we must hunt the presence of that creature
Causing wide systemic fraud to persist

Before we destroy another people
Controlling a wide body politic
Let's lift cloaks from each religious steeple
Within our country as war's final trick

07:15 AM 4/18/03