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Easter Bunnies

When we were small, bunnies were everywhere
There was song and dance, laughter filled our life
We were taught to dream about hope and care
To dream of hopping bunnies without strife

Wondering where the bunnies hid their eggs
Painted with colorful blotches, stars and stripes
Bunnies left no footprints beneath their legs
When placing eggs 'neath leaves or nests of snipes

Animals developed personal ties
Puppies and birds became our travel friends
When we ran through fields chasing butterflies
Landing on flowers wavering in winds

Wondering if bunnies perhaps could fly
Frolicking clouds their happiness and fun
Hopping from fantastic clouds in the sky
Like birds they would bound to the ground we run

Hoping to find these bunnies with baskets
Filled with their sweet chocolates and candies
Even the dead would open their caskets
Dancing with bunnies like hope filled dandies

Children spent hours just learning how to draw
These fanciful characters of the mind
Being taught as we were, in all that we saw
Beneath poor coal, great diamonds we would find
06:13 AM 4/20/03