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Bunnies Versus Gods.

Hamilton observed needs for unity
And Washington revived our thanksgiving
Fundamental christians sought equity
Equating our past with their own living

Faulty reasoning and stealing the past
They conspired to rewrite our history
Holidays in which unity was cast
Were transformed to religious mystery

Christmas was the day of empathy
Filled with phantasy and great happiness
Christians replaced it with dead man's sympathy
By hanging bodies bleeding in duress

Easter was for Ruler Rabbit Thirteen
Intellectual master of the ancients
Teaching children to search for the pristine
Beneath the leaves of temporal transients

Then jews and moslems citing church and state
Said if Christ has critical involvement
This was plainly slighting the hindu slate
Their pantheon of gods and devolvement

Thus our Easter's happy hopping bunnies
Like our jolly Santa Claus and his elves
Were removed from school candies and honeys
Displaced by hatreds from religious shelves

12:26 AM 4/25/03