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Forgetfulness And Lies

We destroyed Iraq's army's resistance
By destroying their largescale armaments
Now we face off internal insistance
With ancient religious temperaments

For ways of life which some cannot condone
These ways treat people by defining roles
In which birthright determines which old throne
Lords over phantasy their hope extols

Quandries cast uncertain shadowed silence
As designs fail troubled expectations
Reality's exposed faulty pretense
Embedded in the thought driving actions
Initial rationales evolved to lies
Creating distrust for largescale networks
Which organize in government disguise
Masking conspiracy's distortion and quirks

England has fed its misinformation
Into our decision apparatus
She seems to seek to build consternation
Between American and French status

The past has slithered out of its dark halls
Making some wonder about those we know
Whose demons have excaped trechery's stalls
Placing treason in America's flow

08:01 PM 4/27/03