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Undermining Recognized

Wars often begin with stark perfidy
Betrayal and treason are like the plague
Corrupting subtle serendipidy
By manipulation sourced in the Hague

Organizations quite often aspire
To heights of control clearly undeserved
Undermining others when they conspire
Attacking systems fate's time has preserved

Association or marriage the tool
Used to obtain access to decision
Force may be martialed to destroy the fool
With targeting filled with imprecision

Innocent movements may be forced to fail
Despite the goodness they promise to bring
Hung in the winds like a christ on a nail
Silencing voices bringing words to sing

In retrospect falsehoods become exposed
Spectres of concern clearly come in view
Hopes and dreams which others once been proposed
Occur in thoughts of those we can't eschew

We must now ponder who it is we trust
As empire builders must now be constrained
Before there hardware is returned to dust
We must insure their evil is contained

06:07 PM 4/28/03