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Credibility Breaksdown

Dislocated dialogue seems to reign
Presidential demeanor sounds withdrawn
Into inner sanctom's depleted gain
Hauntingly misdirected by fate's pawn

Forcing moral choices where none belongs
Creating reasons to blackball others
Whose grandfathers gave sanctom to christ's throngs
So drunk with position they force dithers

Among interfacing individuals
Threats lead action in the world of weakness
Cpmfusing those who discuss with cudgels
Among christians who slither in sleakness

Mauling religious movements they foster
By pushing believers beyond their hope
Where ability has a sparse roster
When silent hands of death extend their grope

Spreading morality to further god
As defined by questioned derivatives
Imposing will by composition's rod
While attacking citizen relatives

Presidential ears lean toward visions
Lacking clear observer integrity
Analysis based on imprecisions
By religiously voiced alacrity

08:23 AM 3/11/03