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Generals Cast Away

Generals failed to create sound order
Letting looters destroy ancient archives
Political correctness their border
Forgetting insight to save their own lives

Officers watched looters walk by with things
Knowing information was just destroyed
If soldiers distinguished secrets from rings
It is not clear from actions they employed

Perhaps they thought fear would make honest men
Having destroyed armor and their big guns
Weakness of will watched again and again
As complexes were robbed by Iraqi sons

Writings of floods predating our bibles
Proof perhaps of fraud's active eclectics
Become threatened by theft of old tables
Pressed into clay by passing heretics

Those who dared pen history and its truth
To spite approaching sceptres of control
Under the wings of the warrior and sleuth
Hunting who would contest what they extol

Relics that have survived thousands of years
Were stolen and marred under watching eyes
Of soldier controlled political fears
Hiding behind ignorance on the rise

05:07 PM 5/14/03