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National Reflection

Having destroyed hardware we turn to dreams
Which we once had attempted to instill
Instead we nurtured failure's social seams
Forcing alternatives by forcing will

Shooting looters who abuse liberty
Killing after curfews should have been set
Ungreatful peoples give sobriety
Cause to reflect upon times fate has whet

Watching institutional fraud embed
Clones of bad structure in other nations
Places at the fore movements we once wed
To party politics and sensations
Religious organizations plied
Their immoral traits of personal fraud
Arguing everyone who ever tried
Has sinned before their grandfather's god

Corrupting entries for some future cheat
Which some priest intends to accommodate
For oaths taken to those he'll never meet
Those whose cloaks of love reflect cloaks for hate

Hiding genocide behind formal smiles
Crippling by displacing dialectics
Edge problems pour into memory's files
Offsetting those who support world sceptics

01:23 PM 5/17/03