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New Diseases For New Times

Diseases keep evolving in Asia
Death spectrums are disturbingly silent
Something new has entered this phantasia
After certain ages death won't relent

Most of some ages simply pass away
Lost in statistics designed to quell fears
Masking dangers in data hideaways
While death lurks in backgrounds for many years

We know of germs which fate has localized
Virulence is harbored in seclusion
While travel becomes too politicized
Safety devolves quickly to delusion

Counter-evolution, the viral mode
Keeps pace with man's work around solutions
Methods for changing escapes the workload
As change-ling encodings drive polutions

Distribution's uncontrollable sites
Where vagrant viruses mingle at will
Seem just beyond medicine's modern rites
Incidents in place of reasons can kill

Hindustani lands of conspiracy
In which levels of thought must be charted
For our rights in others are heresy
Mislabelling, this habit they started

07:44 PM 5/12/03