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Shallow Reasons

Governmental spokesman seem too shallow
Repetition of obviousness beams
As if spokesman expect accepting flow
For thought lacking insight's logical seams

We've advanced incompetence to its heights
What was freed now decides insanities
Spreading insistance like locust spread blights
With presidents speaking banalities

Incredulous are some of insistance
That we are endangered with no clear proof
Politically correct persistance
Mimics satire's comic tragedy's spoof

Shrillness does not contribute to reason
Overly over again comments fail
Claiming known facts like leaves in season
Mean naught if when questioned thoughts don't avail

Embedded evidence was not sited
Until days after its public release
Of new weapons which could have then blighted
Dreams of living well which otherwise cease

No remarks of some previous knowledge
Make us suspicious of liars and lies
So oft' assisted by politic's sledge
Smashing good ideas with failure that pries

04:47 PM 3/10/03